Disorders of Sex Development BookDisorders of Sex Development, A Guide for Parents and Physicians

By Amy B. Wisniewski, PhD
Steven D. Chernausek, MD
Bradley P. Kropp, MD

Compassionately written by an experienced team of professionals, this book offers parents and families essential information about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of sex development, or DSD.

DSD refers to medical conditions, usually discovered at birth, in which there is disagreement between a person’s genetic sex (i.e., chromosomes) and the appearance of the person’s external or internal reproductive structures. After their child is diagnosed with DSD, parents need answers to a host of questions, including:

  • What is DSD, why does it occur, how is it identified, and how is it treated?
  • Did we do something to cause our child’s DSD?
  • Is my baby a boy or a girl?
  • Will my child grow up to be normal and healthy?
  • Does my child need surgery?


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John Hopkins University Press